We're Hooked on Halifax

What! we slept in! (we’re blaming the 2 one hour time changes so far)

Have you seen the movie  “Maudie”?  We saw it at the Tree House Cinema in Gulf Breeze just before we left, and found it both moving and inspiring.  We were shocked to see that the Art Gallery in Halifax is not only exhibiting Maud Lewis’ folk art but also has the actual house she lived in (and painted with cheerful flowers and birds throughout) on display. It was a happy coincidence to be able to appreciate the exhibit so much after enjoying the movie.

After the Art Gallery, we went on a “drive-about” to several small villages outside of Halifax including  Chester, Mahone Bay (our favorite!) and Lunenburg, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site - chosen for its large collection of British architecture - still well intact.  We had lunch there and had seafood....For most of our short time here we’ve had more seafood than anything....lobster mac and cheese, lobster rolls, Atlantic salmon, haddock chowder...all delicious.

We finished our trip into the country at the well known Peggy’s Cove, highlighted by an iconic lighthouse.  It’s been a cloudy day today, so the photos do not do justice to the area, but it feels like the endpoint of the continent (not technically true...but a stark feeling just the same). Nearby we visited the memorial erected to remember those who died in Swissair Flight 111 in 1998....a very fitting monument that felt both sacred and desolate.

Tomorrow we have two fuel stops...one in Labrador and the other in Greenland before settling in for the night in Iceland.