Halifax, eh?

A few days ago we discovered online that we were lucky enough to be arriving in Halifax at the tail end of  a Busker’s Festival -- an event celebrating the Natal Day (birthday) of the city (122 years old!)  So we checked into the hotel quickly and hurried to the waterfront to  see the last few acts.  There were street performers of all kinds -- musicians, fire dancers, comedians, drummers and more.  It was a gloriously sunny day and the harbor was filled with energy, people, rides, and amazing entertainment.  I had been to Halifax about 45 years ago, and I was keen to see how things had changed -- Halifax is a beautiful, walkable, inviting city.

After dinner, we stopped to take a breath with a quiet evening, while we waited for birthday fireworks to light the sky and water across the way. We had a lovely and very full day.