Jet Lag Strikes in Salt Spring

It was a shock. We didn’t know what hit us. Sure, we had experienced jet lag. We’d even crossed the International Date Line before on a trip to and from New Zealand. But we weren’t prepared for how spent, how tired, how out of sync we were with everyday life in Salt Spring. It was such a gift to have a few days there to literally get our feet on the ground. It was Fall in its glory while we were there...golden leaves covering the roadways, and crisp apples on every farm stand. We built a fire every night and burrowed in to “recover” from this most wondrous gift of a trip.

Then it was time to hit the skies again. We flew to Las Vegas for the NBAA convention. No, nothing to do with basketball, it is the annual meeting of the National Business Aviation Association ( We were delighted to be there to be part of a press conference (with Travis) for HondaJet that marked yet another milestone in ending our trip. It was an honor (again!) to see Mr. Fujino - this time in the US. We were so thrilled to see many of the HondaJet rep’s we met in our travels in Asia. It felt like a proper homecoming to see everyone! It was also a treat to be able to share some of our trip highlights with media. Our day ended with a wonderful dinner with HondaJet folks, where Julian was presented with a most thoughtful gift for achieving 5 world speed records. The next day, after walking the display of airplanes, both new and huge and small and vintage, we said our good byes and flew east.

Going home...