Home Sweet Home

We landed in Dallas and entered the world we usually live in...the world of hotels. We met up with Innisfree Hotel’s President, Mike Nixon to attend the annual Hilton Owners Convention. It was a bit of a re-entry into our “reality”...meals, meetings, meetups, etc. Although we did play hooky one night and go to a movie. That felt infinitely normal!

Two days later, we flew further east...first to New Orleans to have lunch with the management of our newest property -- the lovely Mercantile Hotel in the Warehouse and Arts District (https://themercantilehotelneworleans.com/) -- (and for reservations call 877-596-2990 -- smile).  What a team! This hotel will be fun!

And then?

It was the shortest of our flights for 2 1/2 months...and we savored every second. Around 4:00 we landed at the Pensacola Airport and pulled up to the Innisfree Jet Center to see lots of lovely faces of welcome, including, of course, the wonder dog that is Sadie. We were home!

We are grateful to every single person who crossed our path on this journey, and to every single lesson we learned along the way. And we are grateful to all of you who have read this blog, or followed our FaceBook page or Instagram account (thank you BEE LOUD!), or asked us about it since we’ve been back, or have asked us to share the trip in some way. We have loved every minute of it. And we are changed forever.