Soothing Jazz in the French Mediterranean

After a lovely breakfast at Julian’s new favorite cafe in Valencia (smile), we went to the airport and had the pleasure of seeing Olivier again. He is joining us for this leg, and the next one to Italy.

The flight was perfect in every way, an hour and a half from Valencia to Corsica. At the end of the flight, Julian flew VFR and took a couple of pretty exciting turns (well, exciting for me in the back)...and made a very impressive landing.

Getting through services and passport control was smooth, we picked up our rental car, and went to find our hotel. This hotel choice is another deliberate adventure -- La Signoria is a Relais Chateau, an upscale collection of hotels that showcase unique and creative individuality. This one sits outside of the nearby village of Calvi (on the northwest of the island) and is nestled in a little oasis of land.  The grounds are filled with shade trees and sculpture, and the sound of water from the fountains.

It is lovely. It is somehow French and bohemian and modern all at the same time, and nothing looks out of place. Our room is charming, and looks out into a garden, just a hop and skip away from the pool and large “jacuzzi”.

We stopped for a late and light lunch: (I had cold zucchini soup...I know it might sound a little odd!...but it was delicious and I’d love to find the recipe) and Julian had a tomato and cheese salad.  A rest, a swim in the pool, some reflection, and then a lovely dinner on the terrace. On Wednesdays the hotel provides music on the lawn...this night it was very mellow, very French jazz, and it wafted up to our table as we watched the sun go down on the mountains that surrounded the terrace. It was a beautiful night! We walked through the illuminated sculpture garden, still especially enjoying the cool weather, and then to bed.