Rooftop Sunsets and Farewells in Lisbon

Time is flying! (every pun intended). I want to remember every detail, sight, smell and experience--but it’s been a pretty intense trip so far!

Well, except for this morning, when we had another relaxed start, another delicious breakfast, and another lovely walk down to Chiado (our new favorite spot). This time we walked up hill...daunting in the heat, but satisfying at the top. We’ve been averaging 3-4 miles a day in walking--we have to justify those Pastel de Nata somehow!—and of course it’s just the best way to see the particulars of a place. We found the Embassy gallery (Embaixada) that Cátia and Jose showed us the first day. It’s an embassy converted into a beautiful selection of local shops and a restful cafe. We spent some time with coffee and newspapers here, and yes, I did a little shopping.

Then we found our way to a nearby viewpoint and saw the expanse of Lisbon, a lovely way to say goodbye as we leave in the morning. We had made arrangements to meet Olivier at a rooftop tapas place for the sunset view, and then had dinner together, laughing and wincing at stories, mostly about the perils of flying and the joys of parent and grandparenthood.

Winding down, we packed for an early morning departure.

Next, HOLA! to Spain.