Passage to India

We arrived in Delhi very late and headed to the Taj Mansingh hotel, where we were met by two lovely young ladies who lavished us with sweet smelling flower garlands. It was a great surprise for me that Julian had arranged an upgrade, and what an upgrade it was. The suite was lovely, with bedroom, living room, glassed in balcony with table and chairs, and oh … a butler. Hmmm ... did I say that right? This was a new experience for both of us, to have a dedicated butler on call for our every need. Need something ironed? Laundry done? Mending? Breakfast on the balcony? Call the butler. We did every single one of those things (especially the laundry that was waiting in our suitcases for reasonable rates outside of Europe!). It felt both decadent and delicious to have access to that amount of personal attention! As we sat in our welcoming living area, we were served tea and cookies to ease us into the barely conscious fact...we were in India! The land of mystery!

And so to the land of dreams!