Old and New Delhi

Today was a day to explore...and shop!

Shradha accompanied us to the beautiful National Baha’i Center in Delhi, a lovely restored colonial building surrounded by lush gardens. We were lucky to be able to see it, and to meet more Baha’is while we were there.

And then Shradha shared Delhi with us....the day flew by as we drove by the Palace, the Red Fort and other sites, ending up once again in the Khan Market. While Julian was engaged in a business meeting, Shradha helped me with a bit of a shopping spree at more venues of the Khan Market that I knew of, and we sipped more tea along the way. You know the kind of friend who encourages you to step up and buy the thing you really want because you’ll likely never see it again? Thank you Shradha!!

We met up again with Julian and drove to Old Delhi. The Taj is a very classy and beautiful hotel, in an area developed in colonial days, and while the driving is an adventure, there are spacious green boulevards and parks and very English architecture. We were hoping to see another part of the city, and Shradha obliged. We took a taxi to “Old Delhi” and wound slowly through grid locked narrow streets lined with stalls and small shops, dodging pedestrians and cows along the way. Then we got out and hailed a tuk tuk (a pedaled rickshaw) for a more close and personal trip through the ever smaller streets, full of pedestrians. Yep—we found what we’d been looking for: a night market  full of bright spots and low points and people negotiating prices, pathways and life!

Shradha guided us through an alleyway where cooks were squatting in front of huge iron pans, cooking bread and unfamiliar but delicious smelling foods, and we went to the restaurant in the next doorway to order.  Karim’s! We were so happy to finally be the only westerners ... somewhere! and loved every bite of our curries and rice. Full and happy we taxied to our respective beds...bidding Shradha goodbye with gratitude for a wonderful visit with her in this city that assaults the senses. Shradha we love you, and wish you all the best in your new journey!